Fair and White Brightening Cream 50ml

AED 60.00

Fair and White Brightening Cream 50 ml
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Created with the effective depigmenting ingredient, the FAIR & WHITE Brightening Cream hydrates your skin and lightens your complexion. Brown spots are gradually toned down. Formulated to smooth and hydrate skin as it gently evens out skin tone. Brightens, hydrates and softens complexion while minimizing skin discoloration.
The rich and smooth formula of the Fair and White Brightening Cream was designed to fight brown patches and to enlighten your skin. For a brighter complexion.

Instruction for use: on the cleansed face, apply the Fair and White Brightening Cream on the dark areas.
Gently massage to make it penetrate. Daily use morning and evening for optimal results.

Fair & White, founded in 1997, and named after the last names of its two founders. A skin-lightening line specifically designed to even skin tone, brighten the overall complexion, lighten the appearance of age spots, melasma and acne scars, instantly improving skin texture.