Inspired By Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Concentrated Perfume Oil 6ml

AED 10.00

Inspired By Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Concentrated Perfume Oil 6ml.

Concentrated Perfume Oil 6ml
Oil Based Perfume
Long Lasting
100%Pure Perfume Oil.
It lasts long and makes you feel energetic and active,
In this perfume, you can find the freshness of the morning in Provence, the tenderness of flower petals.
And around all these things you will find soft, tantalizing and even a little mystic SCENTS.
This fragrance has a fresh and bright attraction Adds a refreshing and special feeling,
The Scent of this perfume is the perfect fragrance for those, who love uncommon scents, gentle but expressive.
Smooth, rich and essentially soft,
The fragrance aims to embody a walk through Garden,
A Pure - delicate scent,
Skin-safe and ready for use,
Good points to use would be behind your Knees, inside your Elbow, on your wrist, The bottom of your Throat and behind your Ear.

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